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Wretched hive of scum and villainy ahead...

Teen Wolf Reversebang - vid entry
like a darth boss
Submitted for twreversebang . Teen Wolf/Repo! The Genetic Opera fusion. The song used is Scavenger by Emilie Autumn.
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Usually I find smooshed pairing names pretty silly.....
eyes on the road dean!
But they're pretty useful when looking for a pseudo-medieval sounding name for a game character.

Dragon Age 2 - my warrior is named Jerek Hawk.

Sims Medieval - King Destiel.

Of course I'm still using IMDB to look up B-movie character names for Guild Wars and WoW but the pairing names make me smile every time I play them. :)

Sherlock Holmes - spoiler free squee
like a darth boss
I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night. It was awesome!

No real spoilers just - were they intentionally trying to play it as Holmes being completely in love with Watson?

It seems too obvious to not be intentional. Seriously - my mom caught all of it and I usually have to point out the subtext to her. :)

Overall - it was a really good movie. Worth putting up with the fidgety chick beside me at the theater.

Windows Live Movie Maker - the devil's software
you're grounded! and also I'm blowing up
vidding werewolvesCollapse )

Less than a month to go!!!!!
steven yeun
Season 2 of the Walking Dead starts on 10/16
OMG I can't wait :)

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Fourth Doctor Scarf - knitting update
like a darth boss
who scarfCollapse )

Doctor Who Fanvid (Ten/Jack) slash
like a darth boss
Guess who learned how to use Windows Movie Maker over the weekend?

Fandom: Doctor Who & Torchwood
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Captain Jack Harkness
Music: Walk This World by Heather Nova

Walk This WorldCollapse )

Boa vs. Python/Thoughtcrimes fic
like a darth boss
I wrote this for the holiday fic exchange for psychic_snakes . I just realized that I've had it sitting on hard drive and hadn't posted it here. Of course I've been away for awhile but hopefully that will all change. ;)

Title: You Need A Gun These Days, On Account Of Those Rattlesnakes
Author: darth_begbie
Rating: PG (I wanted more but the boys were uncooperative.)
Category: First time, action, humor
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: The NSA is investigating the theft of snakes from reptile reserves on the east coast. Agents Dean and McAllister are sent to the Longreen Snake Reserve in WV, the site of the only unsuccessful robbery attempt.
Notes: Written for miscellanny . I hope you like it. :) Speedy beta by terrileecat, all remaining mistakes are mine.

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like a darth boss

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like a darth boss
Title: Another Man's Treasure
Author: darth_begbie
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard established relationship
Rating: PG-13
Warnings:Unbetaed. Crack fic.
Notes: This is my entry for the Stargate Atlantis Urban Legends Challenge Second Edition
My legend was #25 Clever people entice thieves into stealing trash during garbage strikes by gift wrapping it
Spoiler: Set mid to late season 3. Post Irresponsible/Pre-Sunday.

One Man's TrashCollapse )
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